Age And Rhinoplasty Is There A Connection Between The Two?

Age and Rhinoplasty – Is There a Connection Between the Two?


Andrew Stratton

Rhinoplasty is a very popular type of cosmetic surgery. It is a surgical procedure whereby the operating physician reshapes the nose. Having this procedure done can improve the aesthetic appeal of the nose. It can make a big nose smaller and it can improve the look of a misshapen one. It can also get rid of bumps or lumps and can straighten a crooked nose. In fact, a nose job can fix practically any nose problem a patient may have. It is even worthwhile for those who have breathing problems, such as those who have a deviated septum.

Having a rhinoplasty can be done at any age. As long as you are in good to excellent health (both physically and mentally) you are never too old. An estimated 92 percent of nose jobs are done on people who range in age from 19 years to 65 years.


Whatever your reasons for wanting to have a rhinoplasty, you are an eligible candidate as long as you do not suffer from any serious diseases or chronic conditions. Examples of these include asthma, high blood pressure, cancer or heart disease.

It is worth noting that older people take longer to heal and recuperate than do those that are younger. Additionally, the skin of older individuals is not as supple or elastic. On the flip side, people who have plenty of life experience are mature and more likely to follow the plastic surgeon s instructions, and are likely to be able to cope better with their recovery periods.

Plastic surgeons will generally not perform nose operations on adolescents who have not been through puberty yet. They also will wait until the person has reached physical maturity. For a girl, this happens around 15 years of age, while for a boy, it is around 18 years of age; although no two people will necessarily reach adult maturity at exactly the same time.

If rhinoplasty is performed on a person whose nose is still growing, the operation will end up needing to be done again at some point in the future. It is wiser in every way to allow your nose to finish growing and then take a careful look at your nose from every angle to decide if you really want to alter it or not. The passage of time may change your perspective in this regard. If you still feel that the proportions make your face look unbalanced, then and only then should you start looking for a suitable cosmetic surgeon.

The one circumstance under which the surgery would be performed for a young person is if it is required for corrective reasons as opposed to cosmetic reasons. A structural defect that makes it problematic for a person to breathe is reason enough for a rhinoplasty to be performed. Another exception to this rule is if a child or adolescent has suffered a trauma or has been in an accident that has left the nose damaged. In this case, the doctor will need to speak with the patient s parents at length before a decision to undergo the surgery is made.

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