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Grand voyager otherwise known as Chrysler Voyager is manufactured by the American automaker Chrysler. It is in the automobile market from the beginning of 1925. It was classified as a minivan and known to be a very useful automobile for transporting small to medium loads. It was released in the late 1980s and since then, has been undergoing a lot of changes periodically. Based on the extent of modifications there were many generations. There are five generations of the Grand Voyager. The automatic transmissions are also a part of the features the car is provided with. The Grand Voyager manufactured during the period 2002-2007 have smaller wheel base. The market of Chrysler has not been very successful in North America but still survives in Mexico and most of Europe.

The Grand voyager was one of the successful minivans manufactured and was also placed 13th in the list of best cars in America. The Chrysler manufacturing units in the Europe simultaneously launched the vehicle in the year 1988. There was slight difference in the external appearance of the head lights and also its grillies. The European version of the Voyager was running on different engines than that used in the American version. It had manual transmission too. The Voyager has either three of five doors. The assembly of the parts was made in Missouri in the USA and Austria. The modifications made in 2002 were that those of airbags that would be released in case of both side and front impact. The navigation system was also available. The facility for playing movies for the rear passengers was also available.

The Voyager could accommodate three rows of seats. Two in the front and three behind were present normally. An additional third row of seats could be added when necessary. The voyager introduced this third row with wheels so that it could be removed and installed easily. The seat also weighs less for easy handling. On removal of the third row there is a lot of room for transporting materials. This was very advantageous. The safety of the voyager always posed a problem. In the late 1990s the car had fared to bad that it earned zero points and after some changes in front portion of the car, it did a little better although not highly satisfying.

The child safety was better in the later versions of the Voyager. It had child lock for all its sliding doors. The radio dash kit was also one comfortable feature. It supports the radio with stereo, and also had four speakers which were spread front and rear of the car. The car was available in different colour finishes and textures. The customer could get radio dash kits in similar textures. It is available with adaptors. The purpose of adaptors is to alter the apertures of the dash board for the radio and CD player. Air conditioning is also available. The brake system is advance with disc type brakes for rear tyres too. There are facilities to interlock the tyres when parked on inclined surfaces.

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