Suntec Auto Glass Shop Celebrates ‘Car Care Month’ To Keep Drivers Safe

Submitted by: Bill Burke

SunTec Auto Glass, Your local Auto Glass Shop, is proud to support ‘Car Care Month’. Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair is as important as any other maintenance on your car.

It can be intimidating enough driving on the roads and freeways without having to worry about breaking down in the middle of traffic or in an unsafe environment! Even though you think you have the most reliable car on the road, it does not take much neglect to go from safe to sorry!

Regular car maintenance is essential not only to your car, but to your loved ones as well. More than five percent of vehicle accidents result from unperformed vehicle maintenance; resulting in 2,600 deaths, 100,000 disabling injuries and a cost of more than $2 billion every year according to the Car Care Council.

A recent survey by the Car Care Council found:

38% of cars had low or dirty engine oil


28% had inadequate cooling protection

54% had low tire pressure

19% needed new belts

16% had dirty air filters

In addition – Proper windshield replacement and auto glass repair saves lives!

Leased cars are probably the easiest to maintain as they actually include indicator lights on the dashboard that tells you when it is time for maintenance. Any new car purchased from a dealership includes the warranty and maintenance schedule; however, the dealership, and your local mechanic, will also send out reminders. For those used cars that might not come with maintenance schedules, there are websites such as which provide the appropriate information for just about every make and model vehicle.

Critical components should be checked at every service interval include automatic transmission fluid, battery and cables, belts, engine air and oil filter, exhaust, fuel filter, hoses, power steering fluid and tire inflation and condition. These should be checked according to the following schedule:

Every three months or 3,000 miles

Every six months or 6,000 miles

Every 9 months or 9,000 miles

Every 12 months or 12,000 miles

In addition to the above, your car should be checked monthly for lights, tire inflation, check engine light on and windshield washer fluid.

The Car Care Council designates October as Fall Car Care Month! This means that volunteer car technicians all across the country will help consumers prepare for the upcoming winter season and educate about proper car care safety. Subaru has announced their support of Fall Car Care Month. Owners of Subaru s can bring their cars into local dealerships for free inspections with particular focus on areas that minimize fuel consumption. ?

As your local Auto Glass Company, we ask you please do not neglect your auto glass repair and windshield replacement this October. Make sure you are ready for a safe and smart winter.

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