The Best Ways To Get Cheap New York Auto Rental

Renting a car was never a major expense earlier. The fuel was cheap and car rental companies competed to offer services at lower rates than market prices. But nowadays, when fuel price are historic high and big chain car rental companies in the market, renting a car can be expensive especially in cities like New York. Gone are the days when having a set of wheels for a week was not a burden on your wallet. But now, renting a car even for a short period may add up to a huge sum. However, by thoroughly analysing your needs, understanding the tricks of the business and exploiting the every possible discount, you can somehow manage to get a cheap vehicle. Here are few tips to get cheap New York auto rentals.

  • Find out what you exactly require. There are numerous car rentals services available in the market to meet specific needs of travelers. Right from hourly rentals to one way car rentals, weekend vehicle hire, week vehicle rental and vacation car rentals are available in the market. Analyze your requirements and see which particular services suits your needs best.

  • Airport car rentals are little expensive as compared to the rental vehicles available at other car hire outlets in the city because various types of charges and taxes are levied on the vehicles rented from the airport. However, they offer maximum comfort and convenience and help you immediately reach your location without wasting time on the airport but if you are on a limited budget, consider walking towards the nearest car hire office and book a car.

  • Check out the base price of car rentals NYC. It is normally calculated by number of days. The more days you hire a car for, the less you pay per day. But if you book a short term rental, prices may be comparatively high. Also check the grace returning period. Usually, companies give you a grace period of one hour for late returns. In case you are later than the grace period, the fine for one hour can be equivalent to the rent of four hours. Therefore, you are required to calculate the approximate time of your traveling to prevent yourself from paying the fine.

Apart from this, you must gather complete information on what to do in case of breakdown or accident. Also check out hidden fees and taxes and insurance charges before you make a reservation.

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