Understanding The Concept Indoor Air Conditioners

Understanding the Concept Indoor Air Conditioners


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In the league of electric heaters and centralized air conditioning, indoor air conditioners are devices which augment the regulation of internal temperature along with the humidity of a particular room. Not many of us are aware that air quality affects the overall health of a person. Indoor air quality is what affects a person on a large scale as he or she stays indoor for a considerable amount of time; hence air conditioners are also used to boost the indoor air quality. Portable air conditioners, central air conditioners and window air conditioners are some common indoor air conditioners.

Portable Indoor Air Conditioners

Using a certain type of indoor air conditioner depends on the average room temperature. If a certain region doesn’t experience much heat and the temperature changes are quite bearable, then there is no actual need for central air conditioning systems. Portable units can be used in such places. Same way, portable indoor air conditioners are best suited for small rooms or places where temperature regulation isn’t required often.

Portable units have a hose connected to it. The other end of hose is placed outside (to remove heat) through an opening. These do not require installation. These come with rollers to increase their portability. Depending on the requirement, different power levels and models are available. Portable air conditioners should not be used for cooling large rooms.


Window Mounted Air Conditioners

Air conditioners mounted on windows provide most of the functions of a portable unit. Window air conditioners are capable of cooling a room at a time. The cost, effectiveness and handling are slightly on the higher side as compared to portable indoor air conditioners. These are often called either semi-permanent or semi-temporary type air conditioners.

Central Air Conditioners

These are permanent installations and cannot be installed without professional help. When cooling is desired on a day today basis, this type of air conditioning is done. Walls are used to mount this system, so floor space is spared (portable air conditioners take floor space). It is expensive but has the best capacity amongst all air conditioners that are used on a daily basis.

Variations in central air conditioners include:

Split A/C that uses units which are placed both indoors and outdoors

Mini split indoor air conditioners which are slightly portable

All the major factors in air conditioning depend on 2 things – concerned area and the environment.

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